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Football Dutch Correct Score Market

From Bet Angel forum: Dutching correct scores by fixed stake

How would I automate dutch correct scores to a total of £10 stake?


Bfexplorer Solution:

If we want to place dutch bets manually, so manually choose market selection we want to dutch, then we can use one of Bet Wizards tools (click on the menu Market / Bet Wizards):

Back Dutching

Lay Dutching

Multiple Market Dutching

To automatically let dutch bot choose market selections we can use the bot: “Place Dutching Bets”, and we have got two ways of choosing market selections.

The first option is by combination of SortSelectionsBy and NumberOfSelections parameters, so market selections are first sorted (or not when Do Not Sort option is active) and then taken the number of selections.

The second option is done by using OnSelections parameter, where we are able to name selections by their indexes, and as well as selections can be sorted by SortSelectionsBy named selections can be different ones.

In my short video I present dutch bot settings where I want to dutch 0 - 1, 1 - 1 and 1 - 2 scores, so I entered 2,6,7 to OnSelections parameter, and SortSelectionsBy: Do Not Sort.

0 – 1, second (2) market selection, 1 – 1 sixth (6), and so on.

In my video the dutch bot placed bets for required profit of 10 Euro, so when we want to place dutch bets as required by specification: “…dutch correct scores to a total of £10 stake…” then we need to set the parameter DutchingType to Total Stake.

Once we setup our dutch bot, we can use it either manually executing on selected market, or we can use Bot Executor tool to dutch all (or selected) correct score markets for today.

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