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Football Goals Difference Over Under Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum: Bet on under goals between in-play time 80:00 and 90:00

I would like to create a rule that bets on under/no goal between in-play time 80:00 and 90:00 if the goal difference is at least 2.

(e. g. Team A: 3 Goals; Team B:1 Goal; condition fulfilled)

Is this possible? Is there a score signal available?

If no, I thought about laying all correct scores that fulfill my condition. But I am worried that the correct score market is not liquid enough at this in-play time.

Bfexplorer Solution:

This strategy requires football live score, and at set time when score difference is met, the action bot is executed, in this case it is placed back bet on the first selection on Under selection.

If you want to execute similar type of football strategy that requires opening Under/Over associated market you can do so using the following bot trigger:


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