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Horse Racing - Check Position Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum: Automation - Only trigger if horse is 1st or 2nd using signals

I have my back and lays applied to a guardian nominated selection.

In tight races where there is prices such as 5.1, 5.2, 5.5, 5.7 I notice the favourite tends to jump around a lot as the prices are so close together.

I want to create a signal where the rule is only triggered if the nominated horse is 1st or second - I don't want to change selection to order of favouritism as I’m targeting specific horses.


Bfexplorer Solution:

So the strategy is to check if selected horse is still the first or second favourite and execute user’s strategy on such selection.

Bot trigger accepts two parameters: AllowedPositions and StartTimeSpan.


In my test I executed the bot trigger “Check Position Bot Trigger” on two selections/horses, and at set start time, the bot checked a horse position, and as the only one was still in 1 or 2 position, my action has been executed only on one horse.

This kind of strategy can be executed using the tool: Bot Executor for Selections.

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