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How to automatically make the program bet at the best odd available

From geek’s toy forum: How to automatically make the program bet at the best odd available

I'm new using the software, I have search for days but I can't find if there is a way to make the program automatically put a bet getting the bet odd possible, I mean, if the market has as an example -120 I would put an offer in +119 to appear in the opposite as -119, but if someone offers +118 the program put my offer as +117 and so until my offer will be matched

Is this possible?


If I understand you correctly, the answer is no. Nope with this software: geekstoy


Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer software offers more than 12 different bots to place a bets. Two of such bots are able to place a bet updating bets odds automatically in allowed odds range:

“Place Bet” bot and "Be the First in Queue"

The “Place Bet” bot offers bet at bets offered price, or at odds adjusted by PriceImprovement parameter, so whenever best offered odds changes, the “Place Bet” bot updates your bet to the new odds till the bet is fully matched.

"Be the First in Queue" bot basically does the same as “Place Bet” bot, but this bot offers your bet to be always the first in queue, so it means there must be a gap between best offered back and lay odds/price.

My short video shows how the "Be the First in Queue" bot works placing back bet on greyhounds win market.

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