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Bot Trigger - Weight of Money

From Bet Angel forum: Automation - Weight of Money

Is there any way to determine the amount of money sat at 1 tick on the lay side or back side of a runner using automation? Also 2 ticks would be handy as well.


I don't think you can do this with a standard automation file, but you can extract second and third best price volumes in excel.

Bfexplorer Solution:

When programming bot trigger you have got access to all data betfair api offers. To access best three offered prices you can use selection.ToLay.Prices to access lay prices, or selection.ToBack.Prices to access back prices.

In my simple bot trigger I used getWeightOfMoneyForPriceIndex function (lines 29 – 39) to calculate weight of money for required price index.

The bot trigger executes action bot when all three weight of moneys values are >= wom value you enter by WomValue parameter.

To retrieve weight of money for all three best offered prices like it is common in betfair apps, we can use:


Here is the bot trigger code:


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