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Horse Racing - Dutch Trading Bot Trigger

In my previous post: Horse Racing – Dutch and Green Up Strategy.

I showed how to retrieve horse meta data (rank-rating) and build base functions we can use now to build full bot trigger code to place lay dutch bets on first three favourites when required parameters are met, and later green up bet position again when profit/loss parameters are met.

You can download bot trigger here:


The bot trigger uses the following parameters: TimeToPlaceBets, MinimumNumberOfRunners, MinimumRank, MaximumRank, MinimumOddsDifference, MinimumBookDifference, LayPayout, Profit, Loss.

The bot trigger code defines default parameter’s values, so I could test the bot trigger behaviour, it is up to you what values you will use, and you can enter them all through Trigger Parameters entry dialog.

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