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Horse Racing - Trade Favourite In-Play

From Bet Angel forum: Favourite odds in play

I am struggling with logic to write rule that says: Take the SP for the favourite at the off and if in play its odds fall below x% of the SP then back

Can anyone explain how to write the rule?


I don’t think with existing conditions you can do this but you can use Stored Values, but in Stored Value we don’t have SP option so you will end up using Last Traded price Before the Race start.

In Stored Value you have option to store Last Traded price and now in new version we have Divide by option too, so using that option store % of LTP, then in in-play using the conditions, check if last traded price is less than this Stored Price, when it is then green up.


Tried unsuccessfully to do but having identified the favourite 10 seconds before off and recording its odds as stored value, I could not get the rule to back the favourite in play if its odds dropped below 50% of the stored value for 3 seconds.

Bfexplorer solution:

I prepared trigger script that when executed does the following:

The bot waits for the race to be started/to be turned at in-play (lines 154 - 160) and loads betfair SP prices for each horse.

Then bot reports betfair SP prices and sets the current favourite (lines 164 - 173).

Now the bot monitors favourite changes and time when favourite changes (lines 175 - 190). If favourite fulfils sets conditions, so is favourite for set time (parameter Time) and its odds/price/probability to win increases to set value oddsDifference (parameter OddsDifference), the action bot is executed (lines 181 - 183).

You can set your action bot to place a bet, or execute a trade, hedging for required profit.


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