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Greyhounds Racing - Scalping Trading Strategy Bot

I have prepared bot trigger code to execute trading strategy utilizing two bfexplorer bots:

Place Bet

Close Market Bet Position

This type of strategy is suitable for greyhounds racing when market prices are just forming so there is gap in best back/lay prices.

The bot trigger code orchestrates two pairs of “Place Bet” bots one to offer back bet and the other one lay bet. Bets are offered so there is at least 1 tick gap in offered back/lay prices.

Whenever placed bet is match the bot trigger code sets MinimumOdds for Back bot, and MaximumOdds for Lay bot. It is placed just one pair of back/lay bets per selection.

When odds/prices changes “Place Bet” bot automatically updates offered bets till they are fully matched.

The “Close Market Bet Position” bot is set to close market bet position when required Profit is reached, or when set by parameter: ClosePositionAtTime, for instance -10, so 10 seconds before official race start time.

Test in practice mode first, as bot just offers bets.


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