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Help to Release Betfair Market Charts Tool.

This bfexplorer tool will allow monitoring price movement on open markets, in 1 minute interval. In each minute there will be record five parameters: the open and close price, high and low prices. Markets are monitored in 15 seconds interval.

Further development of this bfexplorer tool could include following features:

1) Betfair plans to release Exchange market streaming. Frankly to say is hardly to say what does it mean, the fact is that betfair does not offer any feed or api method to load market price movement in preset interval, similar to what this bfexplorer tool tries to achieve. We can only hope that betfair will realese such functionality one day.

2) Betfair already released tennis score api, and bfexplorer offers free tool for professional subscribes. It would be maybe interesting for some tennis trades who want to study price movements on betfair tennis matches according to development of tennis match, to have a tool recording price movements on a player game with game results and all data the current betfair tennis api offers.

If you want to use this tool, please consider donating to bfexplorer, and so help us to release this tool as soon as possible.

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  • Stefan
    20.5.2015 16:10:41

    Thanks to dkonemedia for donating 30 GBP for further development of this tool. The goal target is set to 300 GBP for releasing this tool for public use. Any donated amount will give a donor a pre-release access to this tool.

    This beta version includes tool integration with bfexplorer, so you reopen monitored market to bfexplorer by clicking on Open in bfexplorer button.

    Betfair API implementation limits total amount of data retrieved through betfairAPI, therefore keep in mind that you can open for monitoring a reasonable amount of markets.