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Football - Automation on 12X and Correct Score Markets – Bot Trigger

From Bet Angel forum:

Is it possible to set up rule for guardian if I backed in two markets on a football match?

For instance: I want to put back bet on favourite team. I can do that manually on loads game so then automate I want to close market if the favourite scores the first goal but if they don't score first goal I want to close market at 1-1 should they equalise? I will have bets on 0-0 0-1 & 1-1 correct score market.

So if the favourite scores first I need the 12X bet to close as a winner and close the 1-1 score line as well (0-0 & 0-1 both lose)

In the same game if the favourite doesn't score first but equalise I need it to automatically close the 12X market and the 1-1 correct score market.

Bfexplorer Solution:

This football strategy can be executed by “Football Bot”, triggering “Close Selection Bet Position at Odds” bot used with its default setting so parameter Odds set to: 0, such bot settings closing bet position immediately, when the bot is executed.

When using “Football Bot” you must setup two bots settings as you can execute your strategy on home and/or away favourite.

I have prepared Bot Trigger script as well, in this case bot trigger checks which team is favourite one, at the moment of bot trigger execution, and then waits for goals to be scored, triggering action bot (in this case it must be:  “Close Selection Bet Position at Odds”) to execute set action bot, on the favourite and 1 – 1 selection.

Well, yes you can use whatever action bot you want, but as the bot trigger code is programmer to execute the above strategy, it must make sense for you.


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