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Horse Racing – Path to Victory

In my last post I showed how a bot can replace your manual clicking on market grid to select automatically a favourite horse on in-play market. The bot shows this way a favourite path to victory, what you can see in Output messages, favourite name and time when a horse became the favourite and how many times.

In this post we can see a video showing how to visualize these data in charts using plotly charts (FSharp.Plotly). After a race is closed so winner is known the script generates two charts.

The first chart showing front runners, so horses on the first position, and their recorded position, traded price.

The second chart shows winner and his traded price, offered back and lay price, and position changes.

What is advantage of using such visualization technique?

Charts better present raw data and we can spot trends more easily. Plotlty library generates charts in html/javascript, so we can save data as web pages and reopen whenever we want to research data again.

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