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My Tipsters Tool

The latest release introduces a new tool to bfexplorer app: My Tipsters.

My Tipsters tool presents tipsters and their selections. Tipsters are presented with their rank (1 - 50), All Time ROI (return on investment) and current ROI, average odds of selections, and of course winner status for tipsters selections.

You can filter, sort or group selections, displaying for instance tipsters with ROI > 5.0 and Rank <= 10. To display tipster’s history click on “Show History” toolbar check box and Reload tipster’s selections. By double clicking on selected selection the event/market is open in bfexplorer, or event statistics is presented for finished events.

You can open event details for any selected selection by clicking on “Open Event Details”.

How you can use this tool?

Well, it really depends on your decision, but you can do the following:

* Just follow what other people are betting on, and use this information for pre-event trading.

* Staking plan is very important part of betting. Here you can follow best ranking tipsters and their way of selecting selections after losing streak, to target their ROI.

* On bet history compare winning streak and ROI for selections with different level of odds.

It is possible automate betting or trading on these tipsters selections by programming custom built bot according to your specifications.

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  • Stefan
    22.6.2018 10:20:27

    Croatia beat Argentina 3 – 0 at World Cup in Russia.

    What were My Tipsters selections for this match?

    My tipsters selections

    16 tipsters selected Argentina, 5 tipsters Croatia, and 5 ones the Draw.

    If you filtered Tipsters by ranking <= 10, and by positive “All Time Roi” you would get 3 tipsters from which two selected Croatia as winner selection.

    My tipsters - Ranking <= 10

    Public voted 55.12% for Argentina and 27.31% for Croatia win.