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Case Study - Lay the Unders HT Bot

From Bet Angel forum:

I am struggling to program automation that lays the U1.5 at HT if 0-0 then greens up at 55'

Is there a bot available where I could simply sub out values to make the above?

Because there is no score feed from Betfair to trigger bets from instead another method has to be used.

The rule sets a signal based on a sudden drift of the draw odds (which will happen after a goal is scored), this signal being set or NOT set is then used to determine if the score is still 0-0 at HT or any other a given point in the match.

However, the odds of a draw will behave differently if there is an underdog and they score first (they will shorten not drift) therefore no signal is set.

So a new signal set up is required depending on the match types you intend to use it on.

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer offers “Football Bot”, so you can trigger bet placing at required match time and/or score. To place bet you will use Place Bet bot as the action bot in your Football bot settings.

To close bet position at 55 minute of match time, you will need to set Football Bot with action bot called: “Close selection bet position”.

More examples of using Football bot, or football/soccer strategies:

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