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Case Study – Horse Racing Win – To Be Placed Data

From Bet Angel forum:

I am looking for a template spreadsheet that can combine the win and place markets onto one sheet so I can apply some formulas/calculations for each of the markets to make a selection and place bets. I was wondering if anyone had a basic template that they are willing to share. I know there is one in the example spreadsheet section but this does not seem to work or allow me to add my own calculations anyway it was done many years ago so maybe with the updates it doesn’t work now.

Bfexplorer Solution:

To open associated market in bot script you have to use TriggerResult.OpenAssociatedMarkets. In my simple bot script a to be placed market is open, and then bot reports selection/horse win prices and the horse probability to be placed.

You can download the script here: HorseRacingWinToBePlacedData

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