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Case Study – Horse Racing Bet On Longest In Range

From Bet Angel forum:

I am struggling with this and it may not be possible but I have got to point where I need to ask for help.

I would like to check a horse race 10min before the off to find out the following -  Is the fav horse a clear fav <- this i can do.

If this is correct then are there 3+ horses in the field that are between then odds of 10 - 20. If yes place a lay bet on the longest odds horse in that region.

The latter is the part I am struggling with and would be grateful for any advice.

Bfexplorer Solution:

I created trigger script to execute action bot when requested trigger criteria are met defined by parameters:

FavouriteProbabilityDifference, MinimalOdds, MaximalOdds, MinimalNumberOfSelections

The clear favourite is indentified by parameter: FavouriteProbabilityDifference (default value 10.0) what is probability difference between favourite and second favourite.

Bfexplorer trigger solution extends original requirement by executing action bot, so your action bot defines what will be done, it means that you can define to place lay bet, but also whatever bfexplorer action bots allow, so you can execute back/lay trading as well.

You can download the script here: HorseRacingBetOnLongestInRange

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