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Filtering Markets by Custom Market Data

From cymatic forum:

By using the Text query box, I am able to filter for Horse Racing markets like Beverly, Chepstow, Kempton, Ascot, etc. However, when I use strings like Mdn, NHF, Hrd, etc., the results are not shown, instead I am asked to use different search criteria.

How can I filter the markets using strings like Mdn, NHF, Hrd, etc. which are a part of an event name (but shown in brackets)?

Another option could be to show races filtered by Distances. For example, option to show all races below 1m, all races above 2m4f, and all races that are only 5f on the day, etc. as per one's preferences.

Together with the above filters, a filter for the number of runners would be excellent. For example, to show only races with at least 5 runners, only with more than 14 runners, only with exactly 10 runners etc. But I believe it is not possible. Am I wrong?

How to do it using bfexplorer:

All grid view controls used in bfexplorer allow sorting, filtering, searching or grouping data. Therefore in Event Browser view you can search or filter by Market column as well. Click on the column using right mouse button (the context button) and open Filter Edit, and here you can build your filter criteria.

When requiring other types of market data for filtering, first you need to open markets you want to filter (sort, group, search…) and then you can use My Description column in Open Markets view. By default this column is hidden, click on any column header with right mouse button and open Show Column Chooser, now drag and drop My Description column to the view header.

To populate required market data to “My Description” column, a custom bot or trigger can be used. In my video I created trigger bot implementing three types of data to be populated: race distance, favourite odds, and number of runners.

As the required data are calculated / evaluated by bot, you must execute your bot trigger on all open markets, I used “Execute Order/Bot” tool in “Open Markets” view for this purpose.

The passive markets prices/odds are by default monitored every 10 seconds, and bot is executed only when market data changes are detected, therefore you can force market data reloading just by switching the market to be active one, opened it by double clicking in “Open Markets” view, in my video I did so for some markets.

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