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Horse Racing Odds Movement Prediction

Can we predict odds movement on betfair horse racing markets?

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    4.6.2020 0:24:32

    As far as I could see, the video shows the bfexplore app reading data from an event already finished correct? How can I configure my bfexplore so that it can show the replay of the market movement during a soccer match acquired in Betfair Historical Data?

  • Stefan
    4.6.2020 10:32:30

    Actually this is not bfexplorer trading app. If you have a look at on the video and app title it says: “Bfexplorer – data analyzer”, so it is different app that looks like bfexplrer, but is mainly used to analyze betfair historical data on ladders, and of course back test different bot strategies you can set in bfexplorer trading app.

    I cannot afford to buy myself betfair historical data, so when developing this app I used pro historical data provided by my subscriber.

    At these days betfair offers for free set of pro historical data, so maybe this app could be used by more subscribers

    On the other hand I will need some time to implement new features to the app, mainly possibly to move forward or back in data. My first implementation loads all data but starts to reply them from 10 minutes before official market start time. Yes, it is possible to restart replying data.

    Therefore this app can be available only to my subscribers, and to those subscribers who can afford to pay my working time to end development of this app, so the app can be used by general user/subscriber.

    4.6.2020 17:16:53

    I saw this and your other answer. I know you don't work for free. How do I negotiate your contract to develop a system exclusively for me?

  • Stefan
    4.6.2020 18:12:02

    I think this is clear, I built bespoke apps or bots only for my subscribers:

    If you want to analyze data on live markets, then this tool may help you:

    Betfair Charts Tool

    If you want to build bot or app according to your specification:

    1) Subscribe

    2) Send me your short description for your app and/or bot

    I hope you understand that your expectation for the project price can be quite different from my price, therefore use your common sense and calculate my average 30 GBP per working hour to expected amount of work for bot or app.

    Of course there is other option for you as I offer Bfexplorer BOT SDK for my subscribers, so if your friend or you, yourself are able to program you can do so, or ask another software developer to do so using Bfexplorer BOT SDK, what is the way I do built bespoke bots or apps for betfair.