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John's Manual - Testing Place my back/lay bets bot

To test this bot we open horse racing win market and select a horse we want to place back/lay bets on. 

Clicking on "Add a new order/bot" toolbar button in the "Bots to Execute" view, the dialog appears and we can add our bot: "Place My Back/Lay Bets". 

I left default bot setting so to place 2 Euro stake at back 8.4 and lay odds 7, only when minimum offered back odds on elected horse 60 seconds before race starts iss 7.6. 

We can prepare as many of bots settings as needed, with different odds range and stake and different time to place bet on. 

After executing the bot on horse Kings Song, the bot appears in Market Orders / Bots view, end waited to place its bets when MinimumOdds criteria are met at 60 seconds before official race start time. To change bot parameters of already running bot we can select the bot and click on "Bot Parameters" toolbar button, the "Bot Parameters" dialog appears and here we can change bot parameters. I removed the PlaceBetOnTime parameter value, what means that bot does not check this time parameter, so placed bets immediately, as the MinimumOdds criteria had been valid. 

This bot can be executed automatically on selected horses using the Bot Executor for Selections" tool

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