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Horse Racing Database

Having data saved to database allows querying those data and so analyze them by features data are described by. 

My horse racing database saves the following data: Eligibility, Going, Horse, Race, Racecourse, RaceType, Runner and RunnerData. 

I created simple app to save above data every day automatically, the app is able to present odds/price movement as well. 

At the end of my video I show how you can use visualize data queried from database in Sanddance web tool. You can see that from 628 races I have got saved in my database 436 (69.42%) races is won by favorites.

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Comments ( 2 )

  • allendaz
    10.9.2016 1:06:57

    A key challenge for traders is finding relevant form & historical data on their chosen sport/racing that will allow them to develop a strategy to give them the edge.  Data visualisation can help a user to quickly gain insights to identify such data. The SandDance tool looks useful for this purpose.

  • Archie
    4.10.2016 0:29:59

    Vey nice Stefan,

    This app looks interesting. Is it available via the SDK or some other means ?