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Rohit's Manual - Testing football bot strategy

To test this football strategy we need a match already in progress. I opened "Football Score" tool by clicking on the menu item Tools / My Tools and selecting Football Score and clicking on Open button. 

In Football Score I added hidden column Time, so I was able to sort matches by match time, then I select one match already played in 52 minutes of the second half and double clicking on it the match/betfair market has been open to bfexplorer for monitoring. 

To test a bot we need to add its setting to "My Orders / Bots to Execute" view, by clicking on toolbar button Add (plus icon) "Add a new order/bot" dialog appears and there I select the bot we test: "Football Second Half Trading" and set Time parameter to 55 minutes (hh:mm:ss) leaving the rest of bot parameters its default value.  

Any bfexplorer bot offer a set of parameters. We can set different values and so change the bot behaviour and so its execution. I did not type bot name when creating my bot, so by default the bot name was used, but when you will create different setting for this bot it is a good idea to name appropriate so the bot can be quickly identified among hundreds of bot settings you could create.  

To execute this bot setting on selected market/match we need to select the bot in the "Bots to Execute" view and click on the Execute toolbar button.  

This bot must be executed on football match odds market, but places its bets on under/over markets, therefore when executed the bot opens under/over markets for the football match (Match odds market) and as the bot can be executed on many matches simultaneously we must set appropriate update period for passive markets. Clicking on the menu item Application / Settings, the Settings dialog appears and in the General tab we can change the update period for passive market to 1 second. 

To execute our bot on selected or on all football matches we can open Event Browser select our matches and click on the toolbar button: "Execute in Order / Bot executor". In the appearing dialog "Open In Order / Bot Executor" we select our bot, set start execution time and click on Open button.

For today's matches I have left running bfexplorer on my VPS and executed testing bot with Bot Executor.

Half time, no bets placed yet. 

Second half started and bot started to place bets.

All bets placed and all "Football Second Half Trading" bots ended.

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