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Monitoring 64 Markets - Market/order Streaming

Here are two videos showing comparison between market monitoring using update betfair api update requests and market/order streaming technology.

I opened for monitoring 64 markets, 40 today’s horse racing win markets and 24 Euro 2016 football match odds markets. I set the update period to 50 mili-seconds for active market and 10 seconds for passive markets.

Using normal way of market data updating, bfexplorer sends about 48 Kbps and receives 288 Kbps with peaks to 500 Kbps.

Using market/order streaming technology, bfexplorer receives only changes to market data.

What you would like to use?

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Comments ( 3 )

  • matrix
    20.6.2016 19:08:59

    Hi Stefan. What does it mean 50 ms update perod ? Every 50 ms prices are updated ? 50 ms is max. ?

  • Stefan
    21.6.2016 13:38:17

    Betfair exposes their data through betfair api. In order to receive data from betfair server, the client (bfexplorer app) must sent a request to the server (betfair api server), the server replies with response data. This communication takes some time, and most of it depends on the Internet connection latency.

    In my case I am from Slovakia so from my location the internet connection latency to betfair servers is about 70 ms. Users located in London have about 15 ms, basically as close your computer is to betfair ones in the Internet infrastructure, the better your Internet connection latency is.

    So if I set update period to 50 ms, it actually does not mean that data from befair servers are delivered to bfexplorer every 50 ms, but instead it says that bfexplorer requests new data after 50 ms period.

    To get real time period of market prices update time, you must add your Internet connection latency and of course a time needed to process those data by bfexplorer, and that depends on your computer power, this time is actually unimportant when comparing to the Internet connection latency time.

    When using market/order streaming technology, a communication channel is open to betfair server, and bfexplorer only reads responses, so the intenet connection latency is applied only in one part of communication, and not twice like it is in REST client/server communication.

    Betfair applies limitations to client/server communication asking developers not to update one market data quicker than 200 ms, such limitation is not applied to market/order streaming technology so you can set update period to 0.

  • Archie
    3.10.2016 21:27:51


    Have a simple question on this. What do I need to do to apply the settings for "use market/order streaming" . My tick box in settings is " greyed out " so the check box can not be turnd on.