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Case Study 26 - Opening price range

From Bet Angel forum:

I have a wee query regarding the opening price of the favourite. I was wondering if there was a way to determine that the opening price was ABOVE a certain level and dis-allow the rule to run if the threshold was exceeded. By way of explanation, see below:

* Have a rule run when the race goes inplay (know how to do this!!)

* Only continue executing the rule IF the opening price on the favourite (at the time of the race opening) is ABOVE 2.2

* Otherwise, do nothing further

I know in traditional logic we'd setup an if{>2.2} condition, and run everything inside the braces, however, in our guardian automation, we only seem to have atomic conditions that get examined on every background cycle, therefore, there's no way to pinpoint this moment in time, other than perhaps using some fancy little frig to measure inplay start for one second and somehow being able to refer back to this data point.

If not doable, then maybe a little c# with the api_ng to the rescue, but would love to see an automation work around if someone has tread this path before.

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