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Tennis Bot and betfair api

Hello Stefan,

Have you considered parsing data for tennis bot from some website say I just noticed today that the scores from betfair api are not

updated quickly enough in few instances, especially at the end of the first set. In one match it took almost three minutes to update the score although the point

was already played. I'm pretty sure that parsing data from would be more reliable.

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  • Stefan
    27.4.2016 12:08:34

    Yes, I also noticed issues with betfair tennis live score api as well, it happens with any service on the Internet, a degradation in service quality sometimes.

    Betfair offers web live score api, and on that service are available ITF matches as well. does not offer easy way to get data from.

    Basically all such services have one or maybe two sources of tennis data. If you have got some other web site for tennis information, then list them here and I will have a look on them.


  • Mikus79
    27.4.2016 12:55:57



    The following sites are quick as

    and most bookmakers sites epecially and

  • Mikus79
    28.4.2016 22:48:17

    Few other sites with livescores to look at: