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Tennis Bot, Fill Kill Bot

 Hello guys, I tried to set up bot so I could lay the player after winning 1 St set at best available odds provided lay odds are below certain level( price). For the sake of example let's say I want to lay first set winner at best odds but only if odds are lower than 1.50. So I set up tennis bot accordingly and then I used fill kill bot, odds parameter I leave as it is at 0 and I set up entry criteria in the following way: and laybook is equal or less than 1.50. What am I doing wrong ??? The bot doesn't start. I am certain I set the tennis bot correctly because I used to use it. The mistake is somewhere in fill kill bot probably in entry criteria. Cheers

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  • Stefan
    24.4.2016 9:39:17

    Why are you using Fill or Kill bot, are you familiar with term book value, and what does it mean?

  • Lacoste
    24.4.2016 10:07:48

    The bot does not start because your entry criteria is faulty.

    LayBook (and BackBook) refers to book percentage. This tells you in percentage terms what all the decimal prices for each runner add up to. You can find this in Bfexplorer just under market time.

    Your corect criteria would then be LastPriceTraded Is less than or equal to 1.5. Or you can set PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange to True and MinimumOdds to 1.01 and MaximumOdds to 1.5.

  • Mikus79
    25.4.2016 14:28:44

    Thanks for replies. I had no idea what term backbook/laybook meant I thought it relates just to prices on the back/lay side. So thank you for explanation. I use fill kill bot instead of place bet bot because I want only place bet after finishing the first set and before any point of the second set is played. In the place bet bot when I set the range of odds I would like my bet to be matched the bot will be waiting until these odds are met but it could mean that some points have already been played in the second set. Anyway thanks again I will test last traded price criteria. Cheers