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Case Study 22 - How to delay bets in tennis

From Bet Angel forum:

I am working on tennis bot, but my main problem is unsettled markets.

In tennis after each point there is a few seconds of chaos as you know, odds moving up and down to find the right places.

How can I make my bot wait a few seconds before placing a bet?

Bfexplorer Solution:

Bfexplorer bots offer two parameters MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference, the default value 0 switches off the evaluation of these parameters, obviously minimal odds difference between best offered back and best offered lay price/odds is one.

When we set anyone of those parameters, a bet is placed only when odds difference is in set allowed odds difference range. To test this feature I set tennis trading bot and executed it on the market selection at the moment when the market was not settled yet.

We can see it in the Output view, at the moment I executed the bot, time 11:43:37 in the Output view, there was 7 ticks odds difference, bot waited and at time 11:44:02 when the market settled and odds difference was 2 ticks, the trading bot started to place back bet.

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