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Case Study 21 – Lay the draw in-play

From Bet Angel forum:

I want to lay the football draw in play and green out when goal is scored, easy enough which i can do fine.

However, I want to lay the draw when odds reach a certain price, this is also easy enough.

What I am having trouble is how I tell guardian to lay the draw only when the score is 0 - 0, I am finding that when early goals are scored and the score is 1 - 1 the draw odds go down to my desired price still and guardian lays the draw. This is not good and not what I want it to do, I only want to have the draw layed at 0 - 0.

Bfexplorer Solution:

To place lay bet on the draw we need to setup Place Bet bot by setting the following parameters: AllowPlacingBetInPlay: True, OfferMyBet: False (alternatively True if you want to offer your lay bet), BetType: Lay, Stake, ExecuteOnSelection: 3, and we name this action bot: Lay draw.

To trigger lay bet placing at in-play only when there is still 0 - 0 score, we need to use Football bot, setting the parameters: BotName: Lay draw, and Score: 0 - 0.

Because we will use those bots in automation (using Bot executor tool), it is a good idea to test them first manually on selected markets. So first we execute Lay draw bot to check if the lay bet is really placed on The Draw selection.

Then we can open the tool: Football Score, and open for monitoring two markets, the one with score 0 – 0, and the other one with other score, just to checkif lay bet is triggered only when there is the match score 0 – 0.

If all works fine, we can setup the last criteria, that is: “the draw odds go down to my desired price”. Let’s say that our desired draw odds is <= 2.5.

All bfexplorer bots offer Entry Criteria, which depending on a bot type could offer market and selections criteria as well. The Entry Criteria can be evaluated continuously till they are valid, or only once, see the parameter: EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce. So if you set Entry Criteria the bot will be executed, but its action execution will be postponed till the criteria are met.

In our case we want to place lay bet when LastPriceTraded on The Draw selection is less than or equal to 2.5. Unfortunately, selections criteria are offered only by those bots having the parameter ExecuteOnSelection, because only then the bot knows which selection is evaluated. Football bot does not offer the parameter: ExecuteOnSelection, therefore we need to execute this bot by “Execute Bots” bot, and set Entry Criteria to: LastPriceTraded Is less than or equal to 2.5, BotNames: Lay draw in-play when 0 – 0, and ExecuteOnSelection: 3. We name this bot: Lay draw in-play when 0 - 0 if draw odds <= 2.5, and so we are ready to execute our strategy on all football matches using the tool: Bot Executor.

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