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Case Study 20 - Stop at winner automation

From Bet Angel forum:

Would this be possible Dallas? Backs favorites only, user can set commission, liability, stake, etc. Can be set up on first race, but can it be automated to carry over, into next races?

Bfexplorer Solution:

The first bot, an action bot will place back bet. We use Place Bet bot setting the following parameters: AllowPlacingBetInPlay: True, OfferMyNet: False, BetType: Back, Stake: 5, StakeType: Payout, SortSelectionBy: Last Price Traded, and ExecuteOnSelection: 1. We name this action bot: Back favourite to win 5 Euro

To execute the above action bot till profit or loss is reached we need to use the bot: Execute Till Target Profit, setting the following parameters: BotName: Back favourite to win 5 Euro, TargetProfit: 10, TargetLoss: 20. We name this strategy: My horse racing strategy, so now we are ready to execute it on all horse races.

I would suggest to execute this kind of strategy on selected races, or better to use the tool: Bot Executor for Selections, and execute this strategy only on selected favorites, in such case is better to set the action bot parameter ExecuteOnSelection to 0, as we select the horse on which the strategy be executed.

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