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Case Study 19 – Lay under 2.5 goals and green up after goal

From Bet Angel forum:

Trying to put automation do Lay under 2.5 goals and then green up once a goal has gone in. It does the lay no problem, but when a goal has gone in and I've physically gone into the game it hasn’t greened up like I ask it to? Although I can click manually and do it, which defeats the object! Where am I going wrong? Rule type is green all selections relevant to start time until 2:00:00 after start time. Allow rule trigger 100 times wait 60 sec before reaming and the condition is Green all profit condition is greater than £1 .. (£5 lay stake)

Bfexplorer Solution:

The simplest solution is to use bot: Place bet and close selection bet position, setting BetType, Stake, ProfitLossType: Money and Profit to 1 and Loss to 0, so bot would close/green up only.

Unfortunately such bot setting would not trigger green up after goal is scored rather when profit is reached. To trigger any action bot really by football match score and time we must use Football bot.

This simple strategy, Lay under 2.5 goals and green up after goal, consists of two bet placing actions, so we need to setup two action bots for this strategy.

The first action bot placing lay bet on Under 2.5 Goals selection, we use the bot: Place Bet, setting AllowPlacingBetInPlay: True, OfferMyBet: False, BetType: Lay, Stake and ExecuteOnSelection to 1. We named this action bot: Lay under 2.5 goals.

The second action bot will close bet position by hedging/greening up, we use the bot: Close selection bet position at odds, as this bot when Odds parameter is set to 0 closes bet position at current offered odds, the bot does not check if our bet position is in profit or loss, just closes bet position, and that is all what we need because this action bot will be triggered by Football bot when goal is scored. The only parameter we need to set is ExecuteOnSelect set to 1. We named this action bot: Hedge under 2.5 goals.

And finally we put it all together setting Football bot parameters, BotName: Hedge under 2.5 goals, Score: 1 - 0;0 - 1;1 - 1 (so we covered also quick equalizer as well), ExecutionTimeout: 0:00:30 (30 seconds) what means that after goal is registered by Football bot it postpones action bot execution for 30 seconds. We named this trigger bot: Hedge under 2.5 goals when goal is score.

To start our strategy we have to use the bot: Chain Execution, adding to execute two bots:

Lay under 2.5 goals

Hedge under 2.5 goals when goal is scored

We also used Entry Criteria limiting to execute this strategy only when TotalMatched >= 10000, in such cases it is a good idea to set the parameter EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce to True. We named this bot: My lay under 2.5 goals strategy, so we can execute it manually on selected markets, or by using the tool: Bot Executor, on all markets (or on selected markets) at set time before an official match start time.

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