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Be the First in Queue Betfair Bot

Here is a question from my mailbox:

Ok, I want to extend my subscription (earlier I used bfexplorer pro), but I notice that interface of bfexplorer changed a lot.

I need to use "Be the First in Queue" bot. For example, can you understand me please how can I use in the game Drogheda-Cork City (starts 11.30 PM). For example want to put lay Cork city 1.27 and it should be first in queue since this value till it will be 1.35 (not higher).

My answer:

The concept of using and setting up betfair bots is the same as in old version of bfexplorer. You add your bot and set BetType to Lay, as you want to offer your lay bet to 1.35 only you must set the parameter MaximumOdds to 1.35

It is clear that "Be the First in Queue" bot operates only when there is a gap in back/lay offer on a market selection.

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