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Nikos's Manual – How to Setup Oddschecker Bot (part 2)

In the first part of Nikos's manual I showed how to add, update, execute and cancel bot execution. In this second part I show how to setup “My Horse Racing Oddschecker Strategy” bot. This bot is a trigger bot firing an action bot when all set criteria are met. The bot implements 3 types of strategy and allows its execution only on horse racing win markets.

Each bot parameter offers description so even if you forget what parameter settings your strategy requires you can read the following description for instance for BookmakersDespersionMaximum: “Set the maximum bookmakers despersion (0.10 is equal to 10%, used by Strategy1 only).”

As the bot triggers an action bot, first we need to setup such action bot. What is it the action bot? The action bot places a bet, executes a trading session, or any other action, for instance you could use an action to alert you when set criteria are met.

In my video I created two such action bots. The first one places 10 Euro back bet on current offered best back price/odds. The second one trades 100 Euro backing for 3% profit. In both bots the parameter ExecuteOnSelection is set to 0, because the trigger bot selects on which market selection the action bot will be executed.

As you could see in my video I set just couple parameters, leaving the rest of parameters in its default values. In my trading bot setting I set the Loss parameter to 0, it means that bot will not close its bet position in loss, only in a profit, in this case in 3% profit of the open bet position liability.

You can create different action bots, using whatever parameters or bots you want to use. For instance you can create Lay bet bot, or trading bot which lay its open bet, and closes its bet position (green up) in 5 ticks profit.

You can update your trigger bot and test different action bots with the same trigger criteria. This general approach with an action bot allows to trigger any bot, so actually offers more choices than you required in your project specification.

It is a good practice to test any action bot in the practice mode, so without risking real money on betfair.

Automatic bot execution

To execute your trigger bot on all horse racing markets automatically you must use Event Browser and load markets on which you want to execute your trigger bot, and then clicking on the Open button context menu item: Open in Order / Bot Executor the dialog appears where you set which bot you want to execute, the bot start execution time, and update period. It is possible to open only selected markets, or all markets in the Event Browser view. I set to execute the bot: “My test of Strategy 3 - trading backing”, 11 minutes before official market start time, and with update period of 1 second.

The set timing is important in your trigger bot setting, because your trigger bot executes action bot after UpdateInterval, so if this parameter is set to 10 minutes, and we want to execute action bot 1 minute before race start, we must set Bot Executor to execute our trigger bot 11 minutes before race start.

Clicking on Open button will load all markets to Bot Executor and starts market monitoring at set time. You can see in my video that Bot Executor scheduled its execution to 4 February at 13:59:00.

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