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Oddschecker Bot

This short video presents testing of oddschecker data provider. What you can see in my short video:


How to add your bot, and set its parameters, once a bot is added to “Bots to Execute” view, you can start/execute your bot on open market, or using “Bot Executor” tool and all selected markets automatically.


How to open betfair event/betfair market using “Event Browser”, loaded events from betfair api could be filtered or search, just to quickly find the betfair event you want to open. In the “Event Browser” you can see different naming convention on betfair and oddschecker.


When I executed “My Oddschecker Bot” on the football match: Bristol City v West Brom, the bot finished its execution with the error message: Uknown url… That is the correct behaviour as the oddschecker data provider implements data updating only for horse racing win markets.


I opened the first race for today, and after executing your bot on this market, the bot reported last traded price and average bookmarkers price every 1 minute till I stopped/cancelled the bot execution.

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Comments ( 2 )

  • Edumadrid
    19.1.2016 20:23:23

    Thank you very much to continue offering new visions and solutions strategies, plus new enhancements and upgrades.

    When I can access BFE Pro, I promise I will try some of your proposals.

    I'm requesting a subscription to a semi-professional BFE, for those users, like me, only we use a few tools.


  • Stefan
    19.1.2016 21:55:14

    Eduardo, forgive me but the subscription issue we already discussed many times.

    You will get professional subscription paying more than for basic subscription only, if you cannot afford professional subscription, but for that I require active posting of articles or comments here on the bfexplorer forum, with at least some value for other bfexplorer users.

    This web site is also my blog, as a software developer and of course as I actively trade on betfair, I post here ideas or just what interest me, and what have some relation to sports betting.

    In this post I showed how I tested the oddschecker bot I develop for one user through freelancer. He wanted some manual for bfexplorer so with this article I showed him how to use bfexplorer.

    I posted other articles last days, for instance about bettingexpert, and those ideas could be transformed to some bots or tools, but I need discussion about such ideas, and not what you say, what can be rephrased like:

    Stefan will do/did a lot of work, and I will do nothing just try to use it and maybe I find my way to be profitable on betfair.