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How I Use Bettingexpert for Trading on Betfair

Bettingexpert is the social network for sports betting where you can get access to tips, experts and statistics across all major sports events.

Once you create your own profile you can post your own tips or just receive tips from tipsters you follow. Bettingexpert offers mobile applications for iPhone and Android. You are notified about each tip your tipsters post.

If you decide to post your own tips, you will get for free insight into your own betting and results statistics, and of course you can compete with other tipsters and win up to 3000£ in different competitions. Web site is run by affiliate business model and that is the source for competition price money.

Bettingexpert offers API (it seems to be still in beta and with limited features), so there is possibility to automate your betting or trading on sports exchanges as well. There is also option to receive tips through RSS feed.

Unlike other free tipster web sites, bettingexpert has no forum. You can read their blog only.

Here are my thoughts about this web site from perspective of:


Punter not knowing about sports exchanges

If you are just traditional punter you can use bettingexpert tips and place your bets on sports exchanges, this gives you advantage of closing your bet position in profit or in small loss even if your tip losses.


Punter or trade on sports exchanges

Traders on sports exchanges tend to think about strategies and trading techniques. Advance traders understand the need for storing all kinds of data and trading results, what could not be said about beginners. Bettingexpert is then simple alternative for saving bet results.


Software developer

Bettingexpert API allows browsing tips and tipsters statistics, so this way you can program your own model aggregating tipsters from bettingexpert with your own data when running your fully automated trading system.

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