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Case Study 7 - Bet when the odds comes back to 2

From Bet Angel forum:

I have also a question. I need a formula for Excel. I want explain what I want do. I want do all inplay. For example the start odd is 2 then she must go to 10 or higher and the bot should enter a bet when the odd comes back to 2. I want not that the bot enter the bet by 10 only when the odd comes back to 2. I talk from back bets.

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  • Edumadrid
    11.12.2015 15:00:58

    Hi Stefan:

    I've been a few weeks without access to the forum and BFE for personal reasons. Now I look back and I no longer have access to pro subscription. Nor does it provide me a key to access the free. I bought a basic subscription.

    In another order of things, the solutions to the case studies are available?

    Thanks in advance