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Case Study 6 - Back every selection if It hits my in play odds

From Bet Angel forum:

I want use a bot, horse racing UK and Ireland only.

I want to Back every selection if It hits my in play odds of say, for talk sake 3.1

When I try and do this it keeps backing them at the best available price which is what I do not want.

Is there a way this can be done, and if so can someone send me the settings?

Bfexplorer solution:

This bot strategy consists from two bot settings. First you setup “Place Bet” bot and then using the bot: “Execute on Selections” you choose to execute ”Back 2 @ 3.1” bot.

As the bot is instructed to place back bet at 3.1 odds, those selections where such back bet can be offered directly, the bot places unmatched back bet. On selections where otherwise would be applied betfair best execution plan, so bets would be matched on better price/odds, the bot will wait till a selection is traded at 3.1 and then places back bet.

I would not suggest executing such kind of strategy, only if you really know what you do. Take this video tutorial as the information about how to use the bot: “Execute on Selections”, this bot can be used to execute any type of bfexplorer bot on all or just named selections.

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