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Case Study 5 - Back bet on a nominated selection

From Bet Angel forum:

I have a need to automate a back bet on a nominated selection provided it is favourite and less than $4 at 60 seconds before the jump.

My question is: Is this either, an excel or a guardian solution, or even both. If it's both, in your humble opinion, which is easier to achieve?

Bfexplorer solution:

Any bfexplorer bot offers Entry Criteria settings. One of the criteria parameters is FavouriteIndex. If you want to execute your bot on a selection and check if the selection is really the favourite at the moment a bot is executed then set this parameter to 1.

As the entry criteria should be evaluated only once, the bot parameter EvaluateMarketCriteriaOnlyOnce must be set to True (checked).

In my video I showed how to use “Place Bet” bot and configure its parameters to execute required betting strategy, and how to test your bot.

As the aim was to automate this betting strategy I used the tool: Bot Executor for Selections to execute my bot: “Back favourite if traded <= 4.0” on my selections/horses 60 seconds before race start.

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