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How Does Place Bet Bot Work?


Are you sure? I remember in older versions, I wanted to
bet only before the race so I put:

AllowPlacingBetInPlay: false (unchecked)
AtInPlayKeepBet: false  (unchecked)

Perhaps this behavior is only in horse racing, but I remember when horses were retired from
face, bets were cancelled and the bot doesn't bet any more. For this reason, finally I did the following, put the bets keep:

AllowPlacingBetInPlay: false (checked)
AtInPlayKeepBet: false (checked)

To assure when a horse is retired the bets are not cancelled. Then I used de bot 'Bet Until time' instead of 'Place Bet' to assure at 00:00:00 time (just when race begins) cancel all unmatched bets.

Could you test this behavior?  As I said perhaps is only in horse markets I don't think in other markets will be retirements.


When using bfexplorer bot to place a bet, the bot is responsible to manage bet placing depending on set bet parameters. In my video I show how to setup “Place Bet” bot and how you can execute such bot in different ways.

As you can see when a bet is cancelled either form betfair web page, or from bfexplorer, the bot place a bet again, as instructed by bot parameters settings.
I do not know on how many markets/on how many horses and races you will run your betting strategy, and at what time you used to place your bets, relatively to race start time. Consider to use ”Bot Executor for Selections” tool.

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