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Cancel Bets on All Markets

What you can watch in my video is how to use Bfexplorer Console to cancel all unmatched bets on all open markets.

I placed back bets on 8 markets. In Open Markets view I showed how to group by selected column, such operation is available across all grid views in bfexplorer.

To cancel all bets I used Bfexplorer Console, and typed:


Clicking on Execute button, the CancelAllBets command was executed by bfexplorer and as you can see in video all bets was cancelled.

Later in my video I switched to the Practice Mode to show how you can group your bets by Selection and Status (bet status: matched or unmatched).

As in any other grid view, for instance in Event Browser, Open Markets, and so on, Market Bets switches current selection in Trade Market Selection when you double click on a bet. As I said this feature is supported by many other grid views, so this ways it helps you quickly navigate to selected item: market or market selection.

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