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Execute Strategy Rules Bot

The preview version of bfexplorer offers a new bot strategy named: “Execute Strategy Rules Bot”. To use this bot, we must run bfexplorer as an administrator. Please change the setting of bfexplorer shortcut in the Compatibility tab.


To execute this bot strategy as well as any bot script it is required to install .NET SDK:

This bot strategy allows to load csv file, and execute action strategies on market selections defined by this csv file. 

The csv file name cannot contain spaces or special characters!

The csv file can contain the following columns, separated by semicolon (;):

MarketTime and EventName to declare the exact market we want to execute a strategy on. These columns are not mandatory.

SelectionName to declare the exact selection we want to execute a strategy on. This column is mandatory.

Any other columns your strategy can generate and can be used in criteria rules.

Such additional columns could declare column types in the following format, for instance:


What means that the Price column is numeric type. T for a text column type, and B for a boolean column type.

Let us say we have got a strategy generating horse names we want to dutch including the minimum price to bet on.

Here is the csv file.


Because we want to dutch dedicated selections, we create “Place Dutching Bets” bot setting instructing to place back dutch bets with the total stake 10. The parameter NumberOfSelections must be set to 0.

“Execute Strategy Rules Bot” executes strategy defined by FirstBotName or SecondName paramters, if FirstCriteria or SecondCriteria are met. The SecondCriteria and SecondName are not mandatory, but at least FirstCriteria and FirstBotName must be set. The action strategy is executed on each dedicated selection fullfiling set criteria and of course selection declared by csv file.

Because we want to dutch so execute “Place Dutching Bets” we must declare a helper strategy “Dutch Bet Aggregation”.

And finally our strategy we can execute by Strategy Executor tool to automate dutch bet placing.


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