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Working csv bot



any other copies of a csv import bot as the one on GitHub does not seem to work, gives no error in  output when run



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  • Stefan
    17.8.2023 20:58:05

    May I ask for link to the bot script are you trying to use?

  • gavoly
    18.8.2023 10:54:21

    im trying to get then to work via the execute trigger bot


    files tried




    both bots dont seem to fire no trigger status information or anything just says bot start and bot stop

  • Stefan
    18.8.2023 15:37:52

    HorseRacingCsvSelectionBotTrigger loads csv file where you define selection name (horse name) and strategy to execute on this selection/horse.

    CSV file must use ; as the field separator.

    Yes, if no data are in csv file or there is no selection with set horse name then bot execution does nothing, ends execution.

  • Stefan
    18.8.2023 15:37:28

    MySelectionsBotTrigger script is simpler one. The csv file contains just selection names, so loads the file defined by parameter CsvFile, you put there the full path name of the cvs file.

    If on a market there is your selection/s then strategy is executed on those selections. The strategy is set by BotName/StrategyName in the Bot/Strategy dialog.

    I do not remember for whom I made those two scripts, but the functionality of any script/code can be known by reading the code. If you wan to learn exactly what is going on when the script code is executed, you should build bot assembly from the script, then you can debug the code, like I do here:

    All scripts were programmed to the old version of bfexplorer.

    The preview release have a problem with compiling the script, so you actually have to use the second path of bot execution, so making from the script the bot assembly you can execute with the Execute Trigger Strategy.

  • gavoly
    18.8.2023 15:58:30

    ok, so which trgger parameters require setting:


    currently i have set

    name         value

    CsvFile      c:\run.csv
    do i require anymore trigger parameters set? and do i have to set bot name to anthing e.g place back bet
    im simply trying to read a horse name from csv file the to place back bet automatic and to reacure when another name is placed in csv file
  • Stefan
    18.8.2023 23:16:42

    When open Execute Trigger Strategy dialog, either by adding or updating the strategy, select TriggerParameters and in the right column click on …

    Trigger Parameters dialog appears and there type:


    and to other column:


    Select BotName/StrategyName and in next column click on …

    Here you can choose your strategy, of course you must create such strategy before, using any of existing strategies like Place Bet and so on.

    The strategies represents exact betting or trading strategy you can parameterized by entering different values to available strategy parameters.

    Execute Trigger Strategy just triggers execution on dedicated selection/s, and what is executed is defined by the parameter: BotName/StrategyName

  • Stefan
    25.8.2023 15:19:12

    Quite strange:

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