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Trial activation

I don't have the Trial CODE for login into betfair.

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  • Stefan
    28.6.2017 17:48:05

    I do not offer trial anymore as it was misused by bunch of Indies just to get free access to betfair api. I will may change my mind and reintroduce trial in near future.

  • Stefan
    28.6.2017 18:27:28

    And betfair reacts to such users as well, I have just received email from betfair saying:

    "You'll receive delayed data when using a delayed App Key or when using a live App Key if your Betfair account has never been funded or if an override has been applied to your account, or App Key."

  • Stefan
    12.7.2017 14:26:12

    Free version of bfexplorer: