Betfair Live Video + Statistics


Would it be feasible to create an extension in the application that links to live video and statistics Betfair?

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Thanks in advance

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  • Stefan
    16.8.2015 13:16:29

    I have just added the betfair event web page link to Bet Event and Bet Event Trader view. For now I indentified that football, tennis and cricket sport events are offered with event web page, basically those are sports betfair covers with live score as well.

    For the rest of events the market web page is showed on betfair. If you bet or trade on other sports just let me know, if such sport event is offered with an event page as well.

  • Edumadrid
    17.8.2015 14:13:40

    Thank you very much Stefan.

    My trading is focused on football and horse racing, for me this is enough.

    I do not see horse racing