Small failures


"Show or hide navigation and filter panel"  Almost never shows filter panel.

My Tools. Football scores: There are several matches that are not updated


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  • Stefan
    14.8.2015 12:24:05

    The latest release fixed the problem with hidden navigation panel, thanks for letting me know about this bug.

    The football live scores are updated by one request to betfair servers, so if there was any problem with the feed none of scores would be updated.

    Did you check betfair web site if the matches with the score problem were updated? The professional subscribers have football bot so live score update could be checked for particular matches only, next time let me know by email about live score problem, so chance is I am online and able to check the status of the live score update.

  • Edumadrid
    19.8.2015 1:03:57

    Hi Stefan:

    There are several errors with Workspace, and the link to Betfair does not appear.

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  • Stefan
    19.8.2015 9:52:33

    That is the problem with saved old workspace, new things are simply hidden. Delete old workspaces (select one and delete), and restart bfexplorer, recreate workspaces. I will have to analyze this issue, and save only size and view layouts maybe.

    You can delete workspaces by deleting files in AppData Roaming folder as well. In my pc and Štefan account such data are in the folder:



    Delete all files with extension .workspace and .workspaceSettings