Small improvements


The application is great to advanced level, can create a variety of bot, but after several years using bots have found no beneficial long-term strategy. I guess I'm pretty clumsy. Therefore, I prefer the trading manual or semi. And this is where I see the application has some basic needs.

Interface ladder: Those who have a low screen resolution, we have a few stairs steps. In my case 6 steps Back and Lay 6 steps. My proposal is to hide the header or open the ladder on another screen, pop up.

Audible alarm: To learn when the event begins, when suspended, when a bet equals ...

Clock synchronized: That is reset when the event begins, not distort the time of the race.

In addition to display the countdown when you place a bet in play.

Stop Loss. To place a stop loss with the right mouse button on the ladder.

Betfair Graphics: May they remain fixed. Moreover often they are not updated for 1 minute or more.

Ladder: in the Matched column, darken the range where the money is moved at the last minute or 2 minutes.

It would also be helpful to know the position of your bet in the queue.


Thanks in advance

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  • Edumadrid
    8.8.2015 17:38:59

    Another improvement:

    Ladder. Reverse. B/L, L/B

  • Mir.
    9.8.2015 15:08:08

    Hi Edumadrid,

    I am not developer (read: I am not coder) but my opinion is: maybe only one or two things from your list will be realised (my tip: Betfair Charts, Stop Loss on the Ladder).



    This is not cheap sofware for masses.

    Unfortunately, this is a bit of a shame.
    Some features are standard on the market of the betfair software but not in Bfexplorer.

    Especially Reverse Ladder: feature only for human users, bots does not matter what will be the ladder, understand?

    On the other hand: bots will not pay monthly subscriptions or participates on affiliate... Only human.


  • Stefan
    9.8.2015 19:20:17

    Eduardo, I always listen to user’s requests, and if such request is useable for others, or just I like the idea then I implement such feature in couple days. Did you forget that I implement Multiple Market Dutching tool, and that was your request.

    Bfexplorer offer 3 feature levels, for free users, basic features (for bettors), and for professionals all features.

    What you actually requests are professional features, I mean any feature which can be implemented by bot, and from what you named, those are 4 features of your 7 requests. In professional version you can add any bot to My Ladders Bots, so execute them from a ladder context menu.

    I prefer to implement features which allows simply extend bfexplorer features, by tools, or custom bots, bot triggers. This approach allows me to build a lot of features, but avoids to actually adds something to base bfexplorer code base.


    I will never implement reversed ladder, with such ladder your offered/unmatched bets are actually hidden, as should be shown on that side where you offers such bet. So how solved that these betfair apps with reversed ladder? They either added additional columns for unmatched bets, or shows unmatched bets in Odds column.

    Bet in the queue feature, such feature is not support by betfair api, so those who implemented this feature just shows not relevant numbers.

    I will add notification for bets placed at in-play if in-play delay is more than 1 second.
    Betfair graphs, are just for information, and are not refreshed in the popup window.

    I made a video showing how you can change application layout. I do not know what screen resolution you are using, but as a basic subscriber only, close all views you actually cannot use, Navigator view can be hidden, so you will get more space for ladders, and when navigator is needed you just hover mouse over Navigator caption and it will popups automatically.

    I believe you trade only on horse racing maybe, in such case you actually do not need Navigator, just open horse racing win markets for UK and IE (you can add such setting to your favourite events), and now you open to Bet Event Traders first market on which you want to trade, do you trading and to open next market in the list, just click on Close context menu: Close Market and Open Next.

    I implemented this feature for free users, as these users can open just one market, and free users are just those who starts trading again on horse racing mainly.

  • Edumadrid
    10.8.2015 21:52:17

    Stefan, thank you very much for your infinite patience and understanding.

    To me your Ladder interface is the best to see the trend.

    With your support I already know how to extend the ladder.

    Miro, thanks for your words.  I see you as a very active and helpful person