Ladder - better reading of situation

I have problem with quick reading of prices on the ladder. For example: Horse racing In-play markets; Football markets after suspension etc.

I must see an EDGE between the best Back price and best Lay price.




I drew my idea.

Odds column: little brighter than background

To Back column: shadowed from 1,01 to best Back price

To Lay column: shadowed from 1000 to best Lay price






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  • Mir.
    9.8.2015 23:20:43

    Looks fine! Thanks!


    1) Can´t save changes. After restart default colors again.

    2) I dont know how to fill ALL cells from BEST LAY PRICE to 1000 continuously. All cells = not without empty cells.

  • Mir.
    10.8.2015 23:12:25


    I made some layout, but I don't know how to save it for next time using.





    "continuous shadowing" - is the trouble. Maybe it will go through a special set expressions, but I don´t know which...


  • Edumadrid
    11.8.2015 0:53:38

    Hola Miro:

    You say:

    "I made some layout, but I don't know how to save it for next time using"

    I also tried some design, but I do not know how to restore the old layout.

    Maybe I have to delete the last update and acquire the previous version.

    How I can download older versions?


  • Edumadrid
    11.8.2015 1:43:57

    Miro, do you know how I can add images to the forum?

    Thanks in advance

  • Edumadrid
    11.8.2015 2:26:26

    I already know how to clean the various designs of the columns of the ladder:

    Click right mouse button at the head of the column of the ladder

    Conditional Formatting

    Clear Rules

  • Mir.
    11.8.2015 11:16:29

    I use service...



    You can:

    1) place a link to the image:




    2) open link of uploaded image, select image by mouse, copy (CTRL+C) and paste to (CTRL+V) the comment... like this:


    Bigger images will change size (max. width of text block)

    I have tried paste images with link (with any HTML code) but without succes.




    For creating images you can use any "Screenshot" and "Paintbrush" app

  • Stefan
    11.8.2015 16:29:43

    Saving a ladder status is not yet implemented. I am still working on it and it is not so easy because grid control does not support loading and saving custom formatting in the use case I have got in my ladder implementation.

    Be aware of the fact that bfexplorer by default creates some conditional formatting, so if you clear some of this rules you will lost settings for instance for to back/to lay data bar, as those two rules are set to share maximal offered volume to show realistic WOM.

    You can see that on Miro’s image above that data bar has different maximal values for to back and lay columns, because Miro cleared bfexplorer ladder formatting, but it is really up to you what and how you want to use.

  • Edumadrid
    11.8.2015 20:04:57

    Hi Miro:

    Thank you very much for your link to insert images in the forum.