Trigger betting from spreadsheet

Have made several attempts (not with Bfexplorer) to trigger bets into betfair via Excel spreadsheets.I am able to get my results records to load into the spreadsheet OK,but i cannot see any reference to there a way to operate trigger betting within Bfexplorer?

I am getting a project underway which should export race results on a race by race timescale into my spreadsheet. I then wish to place trigger bets based on the race results.

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  • Stefan
    20.7.2015 18:45:39

    Eric, could you be more specific in what way spreadsheet will help to make a trigger betting on a race depending on a previous horse results?

    I cannot imagine the way the spreadsheet would load all previous horse results and help you to trigger a bet depending on those results.

  • bige95334
    21.7.2015 20:08:31 answer to your question.I have a bot laying my selections..but with no loss recovery built into the bot .From 400 races there were about 70 losing lay bets as a conseqeuence the losses eroded the lay winnings.Have put my 400 results into a spreadsheet and have seen a way to reduce my number of bets and most of the losses.

    Running the lay bot in simulation and posting the lay bot losing bets to the spread sheet and at that time then trigger off aa higher stakes lay bet.   Using this would reduce my overall bets to around 80 and obtain around  60 lay bet wins at first attempt and almost all of the remaining 12 or so bets at the second attempt.

    I know this is what is termed as back fitting and probably would not easily work. It used to be easy when i was using the earlier Bfexplorer bots . Perhaps it is time for me to have a go trading...but i havn't a clue where and in what markets i should use

  • Stefan
    22.7.2015 8:55:59

    I am sorry Eric, but I still do not understand.

    How other betfair apps work with Excel? I believe that betfair app populates Excel worksheet, so every selected market is populated on different Sheet (Page). Excel just presents betfair market data.

    Triggers are constructed on sheet cell values, and any action (bet placing) is again triggered by exact value in certain cells, right?

    You said that you use Excel worksheet and your bot to bet on your selections throughout a day, so you must link all betfair markets to Excel worksheet and then setup triggers for selected horses. All that must be quite a lot of work.

    You use some staking plan, so to execute such staking plan on Excel worksheet you must create a program some VBA code because I cannot believe that you are able to do so just by setting some formulas in cells, like you do in setting up your selections triggers, am I right?

    So you have got some knowledge about programming, my question is then, why do not you use Bfexplorer Bot Trigger to program your staking plan? If you manage to do so then you can create your action bot, simply by setting parameters for Place Bet bot, name such bot setting and use this bot name within Execute Trigger Bot and your Staking plan trigger.

    Having such bot setup you can use Bot Executor, or in your case Bot Executor for Selections, to execute your betting strategy with defined staking plan on selected horses.

  • bige95334
    23.7.2015 21:36:10


    I did not make myself clear...Ihave a separate bot running on betfair with the intention that when a losing lay bet came along this bot would output the losing laybet details in to a spresdsheet from which i could trigger off a recovery bet.

    I haven't actually got the spreadsheet side working so was trying to find a way around getting some of my losses back.This is just a way i thought may be workable

    I have very little coding experiance and would find it almost impossible to set up Bfexplorer to do what i want to do in the way you describe


  • Stefan
    24.7.2015 10:22:39

    Eric, in last days I published 4 articles with videos, showing how to create a simple bot trigger and in two articles (videos) I showed how to use Bot Trigger. So you say:

    1) You are not able to copy one of bot scripts to your computer.
    2) Setup Execute Trigger Bot, what means entering two parameters: TriggerFilePathname and BotName
    3) You are not able to start this bot on selected market, just for testing.
    4) And you are not definitely able to use Bot Executor, or Bot Executor for Selections tool to execute your strategy on many markets automatically.

    On the other hand you still prefer some kind of Spreadsheet reporting bot solution. From years I develop bespoke solutions for betfair, people tend to name a software, an application, a program just a bot.

    May I ask you which betfair application you use, the bot which interacts with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and do your betting for now? If you prefer only Spreadsheet type of bot operation, that I think you should use spend some time to learn Visual Basic for Automation because I do not think you will manage to run your automated bot solution without it. I think there are 2 or 3 betfair applications offering spreadsheet bet triggering, like Bet Angel, Gruss Betting Assistant or Cymatic.

    I never wasted my time with Excel Spreadsheet betting as I prefer my own bot programming, but others on this forum may have some experiences with use of the above mentioned “bots”.

  • bige95334
    27.7.2015 12:04:12

    Stefan in reply to your comments.

    1)Yes i am able, and have downloaded scripts onto my computer.This is the first scripting sample i have seen so would not be able to go beyond copying and pasting.

    2)Have watched the videos a couple of times but am unable to take in the detail straight off so will need to revisit still more.

    3)No    4)No

    I do not support any spreadsheet reporting for bot solution...i have looked at betting from excel several times but have not used it to place bets nor do i envisge doing so.

    I am only interested in continuing my betting in the following way.

    open software.navigate to my bot. open bot, set or change parameters in interface,click to start, and let it do it's job.go through the card in time order,find my selection via sorting of the horses form figures,place the bets, after losing bets apply staking plan using methd similar to the one you have shown on your video. limit loss recovery to only 3 attempts then return to defoult. 

    At this time i cannot see a way for me to do this from, Bfexplorer.....but for me to even comtemplate doing this is not possible. Although i have been using computers since they were available. i have in the main only used Excel spreadsheets to put together detail to simulate betting methods. this i can do, but am not able to implement my details into a working bot.

    I have a spreadsheet based on 400 actual bets made earlier this year.showing my strategy

    I am contiuing to spend time with Bfexplorer to gain a better insight into it's working. It is a very sophisticated trading and betting interface,it will take some time as a lay person to assimulate and utilise it's many features.

  • Stefan
    27.7.2015 20:16:17

    Eric, did you really watch some of videos?

    In your trading solution there are involved Event Browser and Bot Executor. Did you manage to add your favourite event to the Navigation view?

    When you open bfexplorer and login to betfair, bfexplorer loads Upcoming in-play events by default, here you can click on Horse Racing, what would load all upcoming horse racing win markets for today.

    You run your betting solution only on GB and IE markets. Therefore it is a good idea to add this event setting to My Favourites Events, so my events are one click to load, right?

    That is the first thing I believe any bfexplorer user do, to add his/her favourite events to the list.

    Let’s assume you already managed to add some bot setting to My Bots (again there are tutorial videos to show what to do and how), let’s assume you run your betting strategy on all horse racing win market, then if your action bot is in the first list in My Bots, you can do so, then to run your solution you need to make 4 clicks:

    1) To open horse racing markets to Event Browser, clicking on the favourite item in My Favourite Events.

    2) Clicking on first item in Event Brower list of markets, in your case on first race, to activate Open button, and in Open button context menu click on the menu item: Open in Bot Executor.

    3) If you accept default setting, and as I said your action bot is first in the list, then to run your betting strategy you need your final click on the Open button.

    That is all. I do not think there is something sophisticated in those 4 clicks.

  • bige95334
    28.7.2015 19:45:12

    Stefan. I take your point.The only video i had not viewed was the Product Features.I have been, I think taking a defeatist attitude.I hope to rectify that situation. I have to day been able to add horse racing (GB) to the My Favourite event and  load all the markets, identify my selections and insert them into thier respective races,thereby to dismiss the races with no selections. I put parameters into to the execute my selections bot  but was unable to actually place bets.will have another go at that.My Betfair activity using my other bots was showing up in bfexplorer.Will it possible sometime to utilise the horseform details from betfair into bfexplorer to enable a bot to load selections utilising the horse form figures.(it is possible to do it manually....but it is a bit of a pain) If I get the bet placement with  the staking plan sorted this will get me back on an even keel. There are ongoing improvements that I would like to include with this method to reduce what can turn out to be very high (for me) liability figures.

    Apologies for me being such a duffer.




  • Stefan
    29.7.2015 21:48:30

    You do not have to watch all videos, but you definitely have some problems using base bfexplorer features. We all bet on betfair markets, and if you did not understand how Event Browser is used with bfexplorer infrastructure, then you need to watch at least those videos.

    The other video is a video showing how to change and save bfexplorer workspace/s. I have got big monitors, and some users use bfexplorer on notebooks with small resolution screens, bfexplorer is still useable on small screens but you need to change and save layout of views.

    Yes, I will continue with Bot Trigger tutorials, but you need to be a little bit specific, in what way do you want to use horse latest form. For instance I can create a trigger taking last form from available horse, take for instance only horse/s winning in last race, and then execute an action bot on horse with lowest price/odds.