Horse Racing track name updates

If an Australian horse racing track changes its name, or if a new track is added, how will BFexplorer (or a bot within Bdexplorer) know that and subsequently update itself? 

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  • Stefan
    27.1.2021 10:36:59

    Bfexplorer app loads any data through betfair API, so when betfair changes its naming convention for racecourses, bfexplorer loads that data. For horse racing markets you can find this data in MarketInfo.BetEvent.Details (Open from the market context menu: Show Market data).

    When I develop custom bots for my users I programmed bots with entry parameters, it means that you must change values for such parameter in your bot settings only.

    Of course if your bot is programmed by using exact text for racecourse name then you must change it in your bot code.