Is it possible to do automatic greening with bfexplorer?


Is is possible to configure bfexplorer to greening?

I mean, say I pick a market, and place manually a lay or back bet. Then I would like to have a bot, or any other built in feature which automatically greens this bet is the price change allows. (the parameter of this algorithm could be the minimum amout to achieve by the greening.

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  • Stefan
    19.1.2021 9:52:28

    Yes, bfexplorer offers the following bot strategies to close bet position which was not open by bot strategy itself:

    Close Selection Bet Position

    Close Selection Bet Position at Odds

    Close Market Bet Position

    Trailing Stop Loss

    Trailing Stop Loss on Market

  • quicky
    19.1.2021 10:21:47

    Many thanks for fast answer