Run Execute until profit on 2 different My Events


Can you show me how to set up and run 2 seperate Execute until profit bots on 2 different events.


I want to run Execute until profit on Australian horse racing


I want to run Execute until profit on US horse racing.

Both tallys to be kept seperate. No mixing of US & AU races if they overlap.


So in the end I have 2 running bots keeping seperate profit loss.

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  • Stefan
    19.10.2020 13:00:27

    You already created strategy bot, so all you need is to copy/clone it, and name it differently. I already said that bot executor creates execution loop by unique bot name.

    19.10.2020 23:34:47


    Thanks for all your help. It's amazing how you describe in detail what is required. Your support is exceptional. I ask a question and you give me a criptic answer. I think the money I'm spending on this bot is well spent. Especially the support.