I want to pay someone to help setup my strategy

Either I'm too stupid to do this alone or I can't find any real help articles. Help videos are silent. And finding the videos is difficult. So can someone please help me. I'm willing to pay you to help me setup based on the following.

From what I can tell I need 2 bots to achieve the following:


A Place bet bot

Execute Till Target Profit



Minimum 4 runners


Lay bet 30 seconds before race starts

Lay $15 stake (Chase this + losses until sequence ends)

Only Lay the favorite if between $2 - $3

Stop sequence after 3 losses


Pretty simple setup I would think but I think I'm getting to old. 

I would appreciate help showing exactly what to enter into each variable field for both bots.

Also did I mention I'm happy to pay for who ever helps me.