Horse Racing High/Low Traded Price Bot Trigger

From bet angel forum Automation - High/Low Traded prices pre-off vs in-running:

I am wondering if any in-running specialists have faced the problem of and found a solution for the fact that Betangel does not distinguish between pre off and in-running low(or high) traded prices. I have developed an in-running back strategy based on the in running high and low prices built on the Betfair published in running high/low data. However as Betangel just uses one stored value being the overall lowest traded price it means there is not always an accurate value of the in-running lows. Having compared Betangel and Betfair data by far the biggest differences are caused by this issue.

I am also wondering if Betangel would consider providing separate stored values for pre-play and in-running to align more closely with Betfair published data.


I am stuck on this I have to admit so any help from any experts out there much appreciated. One option might be to try to use traded volumes from the ladder for all prices below my trigger price but i would need to reset all volumes to zero at the off. It feels very complicated and unwieldy. Maybe I have to live with there is not being an efficient way of doing this and just accept the error rate.

 I think it would be a good feature for a new version of BA. It does seem to come up on the forum periodically.


Bfexplorer Solution:

I have just created simple bot trigger and we can watch result of the bot execution in my video. When the bot is executed it waits for market being turned at in-play, then saves high/low pre-off traded price for each active selection.

At in-play the bot just waits till market is closed and then reporting for each selection high/low pre-off traded price, winner status, and in-play high traded price for winner, and the in-play traded price for losers.

Here is the bot trigger script: